I rarely photograph live shows professionally anymore, I go to shows for the music and always carry a camera wherever I may roam.
So here are my fun gig pictures to honour the musicians. Please respect the copyright of these photographs.

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December 28 2013

Steve guesting with The Long Players, performing Bob Dylan's, Blood On The Tracks.
"If You See Her Say Hello"

The Mercy Lounge, Nashville

share a joke backstage at the George Jones Tribute Concert, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville.
Fortunately I was there to catch this, being the only photographer backstage, otherwise Jimmy would have been overlooked, as would the Headhunters, William Lee Golden, Trisha and Garth, Charlie Daniels, Kathy Mattea, Jim Halsey, The Oak Ridge Boys and many other waiting performers.
There will never be another George Jones Tribute like this. It was an historic Nashville moment.

93 year old, Little Jimmy Dickens had been in hospital prior to the show, he attended the event to honour his his friend George.
Jimmy is a professional, he thanked me for photographing him, so did Trisha and Garth (Brooks) and William Lee Golden.
The shortsightedness of the publicity firm handling the event alienated photographers and lost the opportunity to record a classic moment in Nashville's music history.

I had a full access pass, as guest of William Lee Golden. No other photographer was assigned to him or his group or apparently to any other artist off stage. "Live" on stage photography is done by lots of proficient photographers snapping for agencies and media, but I prefer being behind the scenes with the artists or on stage for that unique trusted perspective. Backstage, artists are dressed and primed for performance. There is an energy and comradeship between performers and stars gathering for such an event, that is precious and memorable.

I have had access to many artists, such as: John Lennon, George Harrison, Johnny CASH, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, The Stones, etc. I admire the rock historians like: Dezo Hoffmann, Jim Marshall, Kate Simon, Henry Diltz and Neal Preston (to name but a few), who had backstage access and produced great work. We photographers are trusted and by "Trust" I mean that we do not exploit or degrade those we photograph.
Without trust there is no relationship, no engaging picture.

Unfortunately, some photographic agencies and media companies are compressing and disallowing bona-fide photographers to do their job.
Moments are fleeting, when that moment has gone it can never be recaptured and that is where a photographer, like myself and several of my esteemed colleagues, can record history and maybe even make "art".

I was thrown out of this event by the irate plump publicist, my lanyard All Access Pass ripped off my neck. This publicist blocked photography of his own clients and was reported as unprofessionally rude to local media, who were only allowed to photograph from the sound board and "strictly" nowhere else. So other than a few of my pictures, where is there a record of the friends of George Jones who gathered to honour the legend for the last time other than on stage and one official group pose? When I checked with an associate at the PR company, I was told they never got any. And that is sad.

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee


with Mickey Raphael - harmonica.

Palace Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky


The Time Jumpers - 3rd and Lindsley

Nashville, Tennessee

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