April 10th 1950 - March 7th 2006

I first met Jesse Taylor in 1977 during a photo session with Joe Ely, at Chip Young's Nashville studio, whilst they were recording 'Honky Tonk Masquerade'.

I would see the Ely band perform at London's Dingwall's several times before I moved to Nashville in 1978.

In 1991 my brother, Michael, recorded an album, 'Rhythm Oil, the sessions' with two other musicians, Terry Clarke and Jesse "Guitar" Taylor. I photographed and designed the album/CD cover.

The Rhythm Oil band toured the UK in 1993, with the addition of me on percussion and video camera! (I documented the whole tour).
Jesse and I became good friends during this tour, consequently he invited me to stay with him in Austin, where
Jesse introduced me to his dear friend, Stubbs and to Texas,
for which I shall be ever grateful.

Jesse Taylor was one of the kindest, well read, wisest gentle giants, packaged into one powerhouse West Texas, guitar-slinger, shit kicker, one could ever have the pleasure to meet.

I prefer to celebrate Jesse's life and not mourn his death. He played the game the way he wanted it. I was sad when we discussed his illness about three years before as we drove around Austin in my car to buy six packs. Jesse would listen to advice with his right ear (that was deaf)!
He bought a ticket and knew his destination.

Jesse had a wild side, a keen eye for the ladies, art, music and the written word. He loved his family and his friends passionately and embraced life in a way that some may never experience in four score and ten (and then some). Whenever, I think of my friend, Jesse, it is with a smile.
We live in a time of war and mass tragedies, both political and natural. Jesse "Guitar" Taylor played it his way, loud and proud.
 Jesse was a big man with a heart the size of Texas, a multitude of friends and so many great stories that would have me crying with laughter.
His guitar volume knob was a gamblers dice and was always turned up high.

Jesse, LOUD and PROUD, playing with the Joe Ely Band at Austin City Limits Festival, Texas, 1994

Jesse "Guitar" Taylor was one of a kind.
An American original.

APRIL 10 2016
JESSE would have been 66 today.
My brother from another was one year and one day older. He left this world on March 7th 2006.
He would phone me just before midnight on the 9th to wish me happy birthday, then laugh that now I have to wish him happy birthday.



SHARON ELY, JESSE + STUBBS - The Continental Club, Austin, Texas


Jesse playing his guitar LOUD with his friends, for his friends.
JESSE FEST  Austin, Texas, April 24th 2005


April 10 2014

JESSE would have been 64 today.

Also his sister, Kathy Taylor (who died recently) pictured here with Billy Joe Shaver
at Jesse Fest, Austin, Texas - 4.24.05


on stage with Joe Ely Band at Antones, Austin, Texas

'Texas Tattoo' CD photo session, Austin 1998

Michael Messer and Jesse at Terry Clarke's house,
Rhythm Oil tour. England


Rhythm Oil review in Sunday Express (UK) 1993


Volume control from Jesse's black Newman


April 10th 1950 - March 7th 2006

www.virtualubbock.com is a wonderful memorial page for Jesse Taylor
Condolences and photographs are still being posted. Please share your memories.

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