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WHITEY JOHNSON - photography and design

WHITEY JOHNSON promo album - photography and design

Whitey's Worry Be Gone Aromatherapy - design





VINYL KINGS "Time Machine" - album photography and design



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23 November 2004 to 22 January 2005


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has a special issue (# 75) which features four of my photographs of SRV.








ALAN MESSER (self pix)

December 3rd marks my 37th year as a professional photographer


William Lee Golden



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Recent Publications & Broadcasts

2 of my photographs of Johnny Cash  
in current issue number 132


my photograph of Johnny and June Cash  
in current (fall/winter) Fox FanFare newsletter about the upcoming movie "Walk The Line"


Guitar World Legends features 4 of my photographs of Stevie Ray Vaughan

in the current issue # 75


a new book about The Oak Ridge Boys
An American Journey
pub. New Leaf Press (October 2004)

features twenty four of my photographs.


September 14/15/16

Johnny + June Cash Estate Sale

several of my photographs

My photograph of John and June was in the auction, raising $1680 for the family.

This picture (Lot 252) was my gift to John and June on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Madison Square Garden, NYC, October 16, 1992
during rehearsals for the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration.


Johnny Cash 2005 Calendar; published by BrownTrout,
features four of my photographs.


pub. Cumberland House (spring) 2005
back cover / interior pictures + personal chapter
This is a great new book compiled by Hugh Waddell, who was Johnny's personal assistant during the mid eighties and who introduced my photography to Cash.


Johnny Cash  The Man Called CASH  pub. Thomas Nelson, (Sept) 2004

book jacket cover and some interior photos


FEB 27th

BBC TV broadcast _ Johnny Cash; The Last Great American
This great documentary includes some of my Jamaica and recording studio video footage


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Recent CD packages

Kimmie Rhodes WINDBLOWN (Sunbird Records,Oct 2004)
front cover photography

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .

John Waite THE HARD WAY (No Brakes Records, Sept 2004)
photography/art direction/design

click CD cover to view John Waite pictures

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Heinrich Muller FOOTSTEPS (Samstag/EF, Switzerland, 2004)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Troy Olsen TROY OLSEN (Old Pueblo Sounds, March 2004)
photography/design/art direction

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

JOE ELY / Millennium Collection (UMG, March 2004)



I am compiling two books of my photographs for future publication:

1]  BBC TV's "Old Grey Whistle Test" (the mid 70s)
(text by "Whispering" Bob Harris)


2]  25 Years of NASHVILLE


Enjoy Every Sandwich
Warren Zevon 1947-2003


Johann Sebastian Bach
could have been a great guitarist!t






If you hate sloppy emails or simply find them tiresome, I suggest reading,

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation  

by Lynne Truss



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I want you to be first in love. I want you to be first in moral excellence.

I want you to be first in generosity.

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Ralph finds the best seat in the house during a National Debt show
The Bell pub, Waltham St Lawrence, England


Speak Out For Animals They would if they could!
Nashville's SOFA is helping
help fight animal abuse, to save them from hardship and pain.
Nashville t
urn your despair in to action
Join SOFA 's E Action List by sending a blank email to:



Greater Nashville Animal Welfare
is committed to educating Nashville about the dangers of chaining dogs outside for long periods of time.
They also strive to promote the humane treatment of all animals in Middle Tennessee and beyond.



I started as a professional photographer on December 3rd 1967
when I joined Dezo Hoffmann's London Studio at sixteen.

I shot my first magazine cover a few days later.
My second cover was the Beatles.

click on PRESS PASS 1973 for access

Below is one of my early photographs published in 1968
The Small Faces are posing on the roof of Immediate Records,
New Oxford Street, London.

L-R: Ronnie "Plonk" Lane, Ian MacLagen, Kenny Jones, Steve Marriott
photography by Alan Messer 1968 © Rex Features Ltd.

I have lived and worked in Nashville since May 1978. Johnny Cash was one of the first artists I photographed when I arrived two years earlier on a magazine assignment.


Keith Richards "UNCUT" (front cover)

January 2004 -




























































December 3rd  Today is my 37th year as a professional photographer.

I started work in London on December 3rd 1967 at Dezo Hoffmann's studio.
I shot my first magazine cover a few days later. My second cover was the Beatles.
Thirty-seven years ago this morning I couldn't wait to get started, I was sixteen and totally excited by photography. I still am. This morning all these years later I am excited to get to work in my own studio.

click on PRESS PASS for access


November 19

Jim Lauderdale, songwriter, singer and Southern troubadour, brought his brand of "Rhinestone" country music to Nashville's "3rd and Lindsley".


October 29

Davy Crockett and Pioneer friend Bill Maddox

(Rick Revel and Bill Maddox) photographed in Nashville wearing authentic period clothes.Rick has a period muzzle loader rifle. Bill is smoking an original period pipe with homegrown natural tobacco.
These men are historians who maintain and celebrate traditional American history and pioneer values.

October 26

Sadly veteran BBC broadcaster John Peel has died at 65.
Peel was an icon of British radio, who remained uniquely modern, loved music and helped many obscure and alternative bands and artists get a start. He blazed a trail in British broadcasting. John Peel will be sadly missed by all who knew him and loved him and of course his large listening audience many of whom, like myself, grew up listening to him on the radio

John Peel _ Harrow, Middlesex 1972

October 15-17

Fab Four @Nashville's Belcourt Theatre, film and stage extravaganza was a "Fab Gear" succes.
For three days archived Beatle films were screened and there was some great live music to boot.

1964 The Tribute on stage

October 9 John would have been sixty four today

it's not too late to give peace a chance. Vote wisely!

Dog Day_October 2
Vote this guy for president!

He is better looking than the other two candidates and unconditionally loyal.

His Name is "Freedom", a rescue pug who was to be put to sleep on 911 and was given a new life and loving home.



September 25

Saturday Night in Nashville


Caddillac belongs to fellow Englishman, Tim Hinkley

and at The Mercy Lounge


Ray Benson performed with Asleep At The Wheel


SepTember 12

One year ago the world lost an American Icon and a great fishermen.


August 11 Rob Ickes (Dobro) with Andy Leftwich (Fiddle/Mandolin) and Dave Pomeroy (Bass) on stage at Nashville's Station Inn. These acclaimed instrumentalists perform high energy instrumental music that crosses musical boundaries. They are currently recording their debut album



July 3   Buddy Miller on stage at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsley

with his guest, Emmylou Harris.


June 16 John Waite previewed his HARD WAY tour at a club in Birmingham Alabama, to a devoted audience.
For more information about tour dates and the new album:


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June 11

In memory of

© Alan Messer
Ray Charles


Tony Berzon.
We both worked at Dezo Hoffmann's studio during the mid 70's.
Tony joined my London studio in 1977. Although a talented photographer, he pursued a career in contract building and roofing instead. We shared many stories about photography and had running jokes and catch phrases that lasted thirty years. I will always miss Tony.

Old Grey Whistle Test Crew 1975
photographed by Tony Berzon


June 5 Michael Messer and The Second Mind Trio
playing at The Barbican Centre, London

with Ed Genis (guitar) and Louie (scratching) Genis

May 30 I spent the past three days in Cornwall soaking up some great British sunshine, enjoying good walks and photographing flowers and landscapes.

The West Country is gorgeous and most wonderfully English.

Calstock Viaduct, Cornwall

May 28th Today is my 26th anniversary of living and working in Nashville.

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May 15  Remembering June Carter Cash who died one year ago today.
June will always remain in the hearts and minds of all who knew her and loved her

click image for more pictures


May 11 Troy Olsen has a new website featuring many of my photographs from the various album photo sessions for his self titled CD. Troy claims he is not just another "hat act" because he wears his cowboy hat as a family tradition. He drives a pick-up truck, plays country music "Cheatin'" songs from experience and has many female fans.

Kid Rock and Troy Olsen ROCKIN' IN THE (semi) FREE WORLD

Blackbird Studio Nashville Tennessee


May 10 Swiss TV personality Heinrich "Heiri" Muller who recently recorded an album
"Footsteps" in Nashville, produced by Tim Hinkley, is featured in Blick this week


May 7 Whitey Johnson played at Nashville's 3rd & Lindsley.
Colin Linden (Whitey's producer) is on slide guitar.


MAY 5th I have been on a trip to the Baja Peninsular in Mexico.
I t is a gorgeous place with great food, spirituality, art, cold beer and some of the friendliest people on earth.

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April 23 Buzz Cason on stage to celebrate the launch of his book
"Living the Rock 'n' Roll Dream".

One of the pioneers of rock n' roll, his history includes joining The Crickets in 1964.
Cason's first band, The Casuals were the first Nashville rock / r&b group to have records released on a major label


April 17 Tony Joe White and Michael McDonald, two local musicians, treated their local community Liepers Fork to a free matinee concert. The weather was perfect!


May 15 British keyboard player Brian Auger brought his Oblivion Express Band to Nashville, featuring his gorgeous daughter Savannah on vocals, talented son Karma on drums and Chris Golden on bass. I first met Brian Auger when I photographed him at his flat in London for a magazine feature in 1968!


April 11 Nashville Fire Fighter tends to a house fire on South Street
All praise to our new fire chief, Stephen Halford


March 19 Whitey Johnson played his brand of blues at BB King's in Nashville


March 16  Michael Messer  has won Best Blues Guitar Album
International Guitar Federation Awards BLUES GUITAR ALBUM 2003


February 26   Johnny Cash would have been 72 today.


FEBruary 23  Chris Rea previewed his new album over three days to a small audience at London's Bush Hall, which is a really wonderful setting for such a fine artist.

Chris, with his superb band, gave us all a treat before the real tour kicked off.


FEBruary 7/8   Bob Harris rocks out as he spins discs on his weekly BBC Radio 2 Saturday night show. Here is a man who thoroughly enjoys his job and so does his listening audience.
This show was no exception. Emails were coming in thick and fast from all over England and worldwide as the show is broadcast simultaneously over the net. For Bob's playlists or to replay a show click here.


JANuary 25 Rodney Crowell rocks out at Nashville's 3rd & Lindsley Bar

Rodney's band featuring Will Kimbrough, gave us the best of The Houston Kid and Fate's Right Hand.
Rodney was later joined on stage by Vin
ce Gill and friends.

I am always taking new photographs. This site is growing and changing constantly.

I really hope you had fun looking around.

Please come back and visit again soon.

Imagine. Dream. Keep moving forward.

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