BILL HALEY - Royal Albert Hall, London - April 1968
I was brought up with Rock Around The Clock on a 78 rpm windup gramophone.
In 1968 I photographed Bill Haley and the Comets twice. The day before this amazing rock 'n' roll concert at the Albert Hall, I had photographed the group outside the
Revolution Club in Bruton Place. I was given full access to the show which was pretty rowdy with Teddy Boys in drapes, bottles were thrown onto the stage,
so during Duane Eddy's set I went back stage and got this picture.
Another of my favourite songs was recorded by Bill Haley in 1969, That's How I Got To Memphis

BOBBY BARE also recorded That's How I Got To Memphis, which we played during my SiriusXM Outlaw Country guest appearance. The best I ever hear Bobby sing this song was at a local event, December 2013. BILL HALEY'S version is the best recorded version
photograph by Alan Messer © Rex Features/Dezo Hoffmann Collection

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