EMI Records, London.

Quite possibly the most most beautiful woman this 17 year old had ever met!

The other press photographers attending the Press Reception were posing Diana in silly ways, like standing on the fence.
The media was invited to a meet and greet. We photographers got our pictures first, then there would be a small stage presentation,
then the journalists did their interviews.
I waited for the photographers to snap their “Fleet Street” pictures, then asked Diana if I could take a photograph. I was very shy around women,
especially one so beautiful, I had photographed the Supremes once before at EMI, Manchester Square and “Baby Love” was right in front of me.
Three decades later I printed and signed some 16x20’s for Diana and some record company chaps, which I gave them.

[For you Beatleheads EMI, Manchester Square is where the Beatles posed for the 'Please Please Me' album cover.]

London - 1968

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