1934 - 2009

Vern Gosdin was real country, from his roots in rural Alabama, to his unique voice.
He sang country like it is supposed to sound with the heart-wrenching sound we love coming out of a bar room juke-box.

I often photographed Vern, dubbed as The Voice. My pictures are on fifteen of his albums.
That voice lives on in such country classics as: Time Stood Still, Set 'em Up Joe, If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do Me Right),
Chiseled In Stone, Do You Believe Me Now?


Vern would have been 82 today.
This picture was made in his Kingston Springs,
Tennessee home,1988.
My photography and/or design are on 15 Vern Gosdin albums.
Vern Gosdin left this world on April 28th 2009.



APRIL 28 2016
died this day, April 28th 2009.
Every Juke-Box in every country bar, diner or honky-tonk should have a Vern Gosdin song.
I have many photographs and memories, this picture is from Vern’s country home in Kingston Springs, Tennessee.
He was looking really good, enjoying life with his wife, Beverly.


AUGUST 5 2014

Today would have been Vern's 80th birthday.
Put a quarter in the jukebox and play a Vern Gosdin song.

Nashville - 1997

Polaroid from
Warning: Contains Country Music (The Great Ballads of Vern Gosdin) - Photo-session

Nashville, Tennessee, 1997

I-35 between San Antonio and Austin, Texas

The Voice in my Nashville studio.


THERE IS A SEASON - (Compleat 1984/ American Harvest, 1997) art direction/photography/design
IF JESUS COMES TOMORROW - (Compleat 1984, 1997) photography
THE GOSPEL ALBUM - (American Harvest, 1995) art direction/photography/design
24 Karat Heartache - (American Harvest, 1997) art direction/photography/design
TIME STOOD STILL - (American Harvest, 1998) art direction/photography/design
WARNING Contains Country Music - (American Harvest, 1998) art direction/photography/design
ALONE- (Columbia, 1989) photography
CHISELED IN STONE - (Columbia, 1990) photography
OUT OF MY HEART - (Columbia, 1991) photography
IT'S NOT OVER - (Delta, 1992) cover
If You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right) - (American Harvest, 1996) art direction/photography/design
Very Best of the Voice’ - (Music Mill, 2005) photography
10 Years of Greatest Hits - (Sony BMG, 2008) cover
COUNTRY- (Sony BMG, 2012) cover

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